Investment Committee of Board of Trustees to Consider Divestment Resolution

by middleburydlwc

Members of the Middlebury College administration have looked to collaborate with us as we humbly advance in our efforts to align the practices of our endowment with the values of the College.  Last week, Patrick Norton, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, requested a resolution  regarding divestment to submit to the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees for review.

On campus there is an emerging consensus that divestment is more than illusory pontification; it is imperative.  We are deeply inspired by all those so passionate about this call to honor life and earth.  Please write to President Liebowitz, Vice President Norton, and members of the Investment Committee to encourage them to adopt the resolution.

We all are critical in collectively carrying divestment to this next level.  Let us demonstrate the insurmountable force of our love.