Not A Dollar More Campaign

Middlebury’s Alumni Call For Divestment

A growing coalition of Middlebury College alumni, current students, faculty, and staff are calling on the College administration to put screens on the endowment against unethical companies whose operations jeopardize peace and sustainability efforts around the globe, including armament manufacturers, fossil fuel companies, and military contractors.

Middlebury has long worked to ensure a peaceful and environmentally sound future. We support multiple Davis Peace Fellows every year and have committed to Carbon Neutrality by 2016. However, Middlebury has no screens in place to prevent us from profiting off of the continuation of violence and environmental destruction. 

Please join us in making sure that social and environmental leadership we take as a community is not undermined by our investments.  

How can you help? 

Click on this link to pledge that you will not donate a dollar more to Middlebury College until the College divests from war and environmental destruction. You can also submit a statement that will be delivered directly to the President of Middlebury College, Ron Liebowitz, as well as the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees. 

Together we can ensure that the Middlebury we love is the Middlebury that puts our values into practice! Thank you for your support.